Cassandra (cassandra_s_o_t) wrote in song_of_troy,

In the hall...

Cassandra: *Leaving the main hall*
Cassandra: *glances back at Coroebus, who is trying hard to look away*
Coroebus: *trying to appear terribly subtle, as if he wasn't looking at Cassandra at all, and failing*
Cassandra: *smiles, stifles laughter*
Coroebus: *Grins and gives up* Heh, all right, I'm too obvious... Anyway, hello. I'm Coroebus
Cassandra: *nods her head* I know. The prince of Phrygia. You refused to ally with my father.
Coroebus: Well... I wouldn't say 'refuse,' exactly. My father felt that Troy will win the war (if there is a war) with the resources it has already. But if Troy were to lose its greatest warriors, Phyrgia will come to Troy's aid.
Cassandra: *nods* Greatest brothers then?
Coroebus: Ah... Yes, that's who we had in mind *feels very tactless*
Cassandra: I respect your honesty *looks stern for a moment, then smiles*
Coroebus: *smiles* That's good to know. Believe me, I'd like to stay in Troy for much longer
Cassandra: Would you?
Coroebus: Yes. This is beautiful and interesting... city after all.
Cassandra: Have you found beautiful and interesting things within the city itself?
Coroebus: Yes, and it's frustrating that I have to leave before I can appreciate them fully. I try to be a cultural connoisseur, you know.
Cassandra: *laughs* there's much to see in Troy *nudges him* perhaps I can show you sometime
Coroebus: I'd be glad to. I'm sure I can learn a lot from you.
Cassandra: Although I'm sure I can learn much more from you...
Coroebus: *Tries to think of something clever and fails*
Cassandra: *looks at her feet*
Coroebus: So...
Cassandra: *meets his eyes*
Cassandra: Yes?
Coroebus: I don't know.
Coroebus: Though I'm grateful to have a chance to talk to you instead of merely watching you. Heh.
Cassandra: *blinks*
Cassandra: *leans in*
Coroebus: *leans in as well*
Cassandra: *kisses him*
Coroebus: *Kisses her back and plays her closer*
Cassandra: *pulls away* I shouldn't be doing thing...
Coroebus: Why? Am I being too bold?
Cassandra: Do you know who I am?
Coroebus: Of course. You're Cassandra.
Cassandra: *gestures to her priestess robes* Do you know what these are?
Coroebus: Yes... *Sighs* I'm sorry
Cassandra: *smiles* Good night, Coro.
Coroebus: Good night, Cassandra. *returns the smile and then walks away*
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