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Demeter is seriously pissing me off.

I suppose this means I ought to go talk to....her about my wife.

I hate talking to her. She always seems to be laughing at me behind her... well, something.
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I'm going to be MARRIED!

Clytemnestra: *comes up silently behind Iphigenia*
Clytemnestra: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?
Clytemnestra: *coldly furious*
Iphigenia: *jumps*
Iphigenia: Wha...what did I do?
Clytemnestra: I have had my maids seeking you this last half hour.
Iphigenia: I've been sitting here...thinking...
Clytemnestra: Thinking?
Clytemnestra: Enlighten me.
Iphigenia: Yes. Like wondering who that messenger was...
Clytemnestra: He bears a summons, Iphigenia.
Clytemnestra: *starts pacing angrily again*
Clytemnestra: A summons for you.
Clytemnestra: Just you.
Clytemnestra: I find that--- untenable.
Clytemnestra: Inconceivable, that your father would call you to Aulis and not ask for my presence as well.
Clytemnestra: *stops pacing and glares at Iphigenia*
Iphigenia: *cowers*
Clytemnestra: I know that's not your fault nor your responsibility.
Iphigenia: I've traveled with him alone before, you know
Clytemnestra: But it is not-- appropriate for a young woman to be wed....
Clytemnestra: Yes, wed.
Clytemnestra: I believe you are to be wed at Aulis, Iphigenia.
Iphigenia: WED?
Iphigenia: *frightened*
Iphigenia: To whom?
Clytemnestra: Though my husband has said NOTHING about this.
Clytemnestra: *smiles finally* Who else?
Iphigenia: *tries not to smile*
Clytemnestra: All Greece is assembling at Aulis
Iphigenia: And I shall marry Achilles?
Clytemnestra: Why would your father not use the opportunity to place his daughter's hand at such an event?
Clytemnestra: *snarls*
Clytemnestra: Gods know I have written him about it often enough over these last weeks
Iphigenia: *smile* Don't be angry, Mom!
Iphigenia: I'm to be married!
Clytemnestra: Oh, I'm not angry at you-- I'm annoyed with this scrambling, half-arsed way your father has gone about this whole thing.
Clytemnestra: *raises an eyebrow at Iphigenia*
Iphigenia: Isn't it characteristic of him?
Clytemnestra: So unbecoming to the dignity of the Atreides, mmn?
Clytemnestra: *smiles thinly, willing to share the joke at the expense of Agamemnon*
Clytemnestra: Absolutely, daughter.
Iphigenia: *giggles* Well, it's a family tradition...
Clytemnestra: *scowls again*
Clytemnestra: Well. We have packing to do.
Clytemnestra: And a ceremony to plan.
Clytemnestra: And a gown to prepare.
Clytemnestra: Would you like to look into the treasure room for a suitable length of cloth, daughter?
Iphigenia: Of course!
Iphigenia: *becoming quite giggly*
Clytemnestra: *holds her hand out to Iphigenia to lift her out of the window seat*
Iphigenia: *takes it giddily*
Clytemnestra: *tucks her daughter's hand under her arm*
Clytemnestra: Let's go, child!
Iphigenia: *leans her head against her mother's shoulder as they walk*
Iphigenia: *sigh*
Clytemnestra: *allows her love for her daughter to show as she looks at the top of her head, though she will never show it to her directly*
Iphigenia: *mutters*
Iphigenia: Married to the most handsome man in all of Greece...
Iphigenia: *looks up*
Clytemnestra: *dryly* Let's just hope his brains match his looks.
Clytemnestra: Though as a child of Thetis, I would assume so
Iphigenia: *giggle* I think he's most wise, Mom. I've spoken to him before...
Iphigenia: *suddenly realizes that her mother doesn't know this*
Clytemnestra: You mentioned how kind he was, too
Iphigenia: Yes...we had some time to speak alone together awhile back. He's quite...*keeps grinning*
Iphigenia: *can't help from telling things she shouldn't*
Clytemnestra: I am so happy for you. The gods seem to have smiled upon our family at last.
Iphigenia: And he's so strong...I can only imagine how he'll be...
Clytemnestra: I wouldn't necessarily recommend relying on imagination, Iphigenia. So often one's dreams are only a disappointment.
Iphigenia: But he has such big hands
Clytemnestra: All the better to please you, my dear.
Iphigenia: *uncontrollably giggles*

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*paces and frowns, slapping a piece of parchment against her thigh*

This message calls Iphigenia to Aulis to meet with her father. I could wish he would be a little more forthcoming with his plans, curse him.


I can only assume this is the fruit of my negotiations with Pythia.

*raises voice to nearby servant*

Bring the princess to me, now!
cass looks

In the hall...

Cassandra: *Leaving the main hall*
Cassandra: *glances back at Coroebus, who is trying hard to look away*
Coroebus: *trying to appear terribly subtle, as if he wasn't looking at Cassandra at all, and failing*
Cassandra: *smiles, stifles laughter*
Coroebus: *Grins and gives up* Heh, all right, I'm too obvious... Anyway, hello. I'm Coroebus
Cassandra: *nods her head* I know. The prince of Phrygia. You refused to ally with my father.
Coroebus: Well... I wouldn't say 'refuse,' exactly. My father felt that Troy will win the war (if there is a war) with the resources it has already. But if Troy were to lose its greatest warriors, Phyrgia will come to Troy's aid.
Cassandra: *nods* Greatest warriors...my brothers then?
Coroebus: Ah... Yes, that's who we had in mind *feels very tactless*
Cassandra: I respect your honesty *looks stern for a moment, then smiles*
Coroebus: *smiles* That's good to know. Believe me, I'd like to stay in Troy for much longer
Cassandra: Would you?
Coroebus: Yes. This is beautiful and interesting... city after all.
Cassandra: Have you found beautiful and interesting things within the city itself?
Coroebus: Yes, and it's frustrating that I have to leave before I can appreciate them fully. I try to be a cultural connoisseur, you know.
Cassandra: *laughs* there's much to see in Troy *nudges him* perhaps I can show you sometime
Coroebus: I'd be glad to. I'm sure I can learn a lot from you.
Cassandra: Although I'm sure I can learn much more from you...
Coroebus: *Tries to think of something clever and fails*
Cassandra: *looks at her feet*
Coroebus: So...
Cassandra: *meets his eyes*
Cassandra: Yes?
Coroebus: I don't know.
Coroebus: Though I'm grateful to have a chance to talk to you instead of merely watching you. Heh.
Cassandra: *blinks*
Cassandra: *leans in*
Coroebus: *leans in as well*
Cassandra: *kisses him*
Coroebus: *Kisses her back and plays her closer*
Cassandra: *pulls away* I shouldn't be doing thing...
Coroebus: Why? Am I being too bold?
Cassandra: Do you know who I am?
Coroebus: Of course. You're Cassandra.
Cassandra: *gestures to her priestess robes* Do you know what these are?
Coroebus: Yes... *Sighs* I'm sorry
Cassandra: *smiles* Good night, Coro.
Coroebus: Good night, Cassandra. *returns the smile and then walks away*
aph passion

I'm. Still. Bored.

What is it with these children these days? I get Eros to shoot one of them and wait for the action to start, and what happens?


Eros, maybe you should consider shooting Cassandra, too. That boy Corobeus is trying awfully hard, but she's playing hard to get.

Though I have to say it's pretty funny...

Oh, I give up. They're just too tiresome to watch.