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Priam, Son of Laomedon, King of Troy

Priam and Cassie. If that's moving up then She..............................'s MOVING OUT

</b>Priam: Priam enters the Temple of Athena, looking for Cassandra*
Cassandra: *praying at Athena's altar*
Priam: Cassie?
Cassandra: *doesn't notice Priam*
</i>Cassandra: Hm?
Priam: Cassie!
Priam: *to himself* My little baby girl.
</b>Priam: How are you doing?
Cassandra: *hugs Priam* Father, I didn't expect to see you here!
Priam: well, the doctors...
</b>Priam: they say that
</b>Priam: they've never seen anything like it.
Cassandra: Like what?
Priam: how do you feel?
Cassandra: Fine...
Cassandra: How did you think I'd feel?
Priam: this place, your priestess ship, they're not too much?
Cassandra: Not at all. This is my duty!
Cassandra: I'm just...nervous about Helen being here.
Priam: You and Hektor.
Priam: Helen is not in our hands anymore.
Priam: She is here.
Cassandra: She's Agamemnon's sister-in-law, Father! That's a problem!
Cassandra: He's been wanting to attack us since forever
Priam: by the will of Zeus and the other immortal gods.
Cassandra: *looks at the Palladium*
Priam: you should know, we cannot defy the gods
Priam: no matter what they demand.
Cassandra: but we don't have to be stupid!!
Priam: *raises his voice* I refuse to have my judgement questioned by my offspring
</b>Priam: I have rebuilt this country.
</b>Priam: I have subjected empires and forged alliances.
</b>Priam: Believe it or not, I do know what I am doing.
Cassandra: But Father, this is a horrible risk to take!
Priam: what would you have me do?
Cassandra: Sent that woman back!
Priam: I won't. she is here because the Gods allowed it.
</b>Priam: or condoned it
</b>Priam: or set it in motion
</b>Priam: Helen and Paris both say so.
</b>Priam: and besides that, nothing happens contrary to Zeus's will.
</b>Priam: perhaps the walls of troy are the rocks upon which the gods will destroy Agamemnon.
</b>Priam: or Perhaps he is already dead
Cassandra: Does it say something that Athena, our city's protectress, won't except Helen's sacrifices?
Priam: It is not a good omen.
Cassandra: *getting frustrated* No, it's not!
Priam: but only a foolish man attempts to pick sides when the gods disagree
Cassandra: But a wise man picks the safe side
Priam: Neither you nor I can see what is to be.
</b>Priam: No. a weak man picks the safe side.
</b>Priam: a good, strong, pious man picks the right side.
Cassandra: I don't understand your arrogance...
Cassandra: this is about your pride, isn't it?
Priam: this is about the will of the gods.
Priam: you, are a priestess, you should understand.
Cassandra: yes, better than you do
Priam: Young Lady!
</b>Priam: you accuse me of arrogance
Cassandra: yes, and I speak the truth!
Priam: and then say that some snip of a girl knows more than her father.
Cassandra: I know more about the gods and their will! I'm high pristess to our city's patron goddess
Priam: a goddess.
</b>Priam: a mighty goddess, our patron goddess, yes
</b>Priam: but one
</b>Priam: of 12
Cassandra: *points to the Palladium* Do you dare to trivialize her before her very eyes?
Priam: and all it takes is one to destroy a man or a city.
</b>Priam: of course not
</b>Priam: she is not trivial at all.
</b>Priam: nor is Aphrodite nor Ares nor Hera
</b>Priam: nor Artemis nor Apollo.
</b>Priam: no Olympian can be trivialized
Cassandra: *grasps Priams arms and pleads* Father, you don't understand, do you?
Cassandra: Do you know what will happen if Helen stays?
Priam: what cassie, tell me what will happen if she stays?
Priam: since you have now miraculously been given the power of sight
</b>Priam: please tell me
Cassandra: *desperately trying to be believed, so she doesn't tell everything* My brothers, your sons, will die. And your you want me to be left off as a slave to a Greek bed?
Cassandra: ((that should read "led off"))
Priam: Cassie, *he strokes her hair*
Priam: its okay...
</b>Priam: I am not going to let them do anythign
Cassandra: *snf* No, it's NOT okay!
Priam: we have our armies
</b>Priam: our Invincible armies
Cassandra: NEVER say that!
Priam: our untoppleable walls
Cassandra: Father, tread lightly
Priam: and if there is a man better than your brother at generalship in all Asia, it is your father.
</b>Priam: Cassie, when I say these things, I do so praising the Gods.
</b>Priam: the walls that Poseidon, the Earth-Shaker built.
</b>Priam: the Armies and Generalship reinforced by Flashing-Eyed Pallas Athena
</b>Priam: I am no Icarus
Cassandra: *looks at Priam, deeply* *shakes head* You really don't believe me, do you?
</b>Priam: believe what
</b>Priam: ?
</b>Priam: you are scared
</b>Priam: your Brother has many people scared
Cassandra: My brother happens to be right!
Priam: IF... IF the greeks come and IF they will not talk, then we will fight and we will win.
</b>Priam: how do you know Cassandra
Priam: ?
</b>Priam: why are you so sure?
</b>Priam: I don't know
</b>Priam: I'm only a mortal
Cassandra: Because I've seen it, Father!
Priam: I'm not an immortal god, nor a blessed seer
</b>Priam: you've seen it.
Cassandra: yes!
Priam: Cassie, do you remember where Paris used to live?
Cassandra: Ida?
Priam: up on Mt. Ida
</b>Priam: yes.
Cassandra: yes
Priam: I think you should go there for a little while
</b>Priam: just a rest
Cassandra: NO!
Priam: These have been some tough times for all of us
</b>Priam: Athena will surely understand
</b>Priam: and I will ensure that the temple's activities continue as usual
</b>Priam: Your mother's worried too
Cassandra: *sighs*
Cassandra: What if I agree to simply stay at the palace?
Priam: Helen is there.
Cassandra: I won't let you send me away!
Priam: What will you do if you see her
Priam: or your brother, Alexander
</b>Priam: I shall not turn my palace into a pankration ring.
Cassandra: Tell her to stay out of my way
Cassandra: Or I'll scratch her face until she's no longer beautiful
Priam: She is your brother's wife and now my daughter too
Priam: I have never said that you children must all like each other
Cassandra: she's Menelaus' wife, and Paris's concubine
Priam: but I have ALWAYS said that you will play nice
Cassandra: *not wanting to be sent to Ida* Yes, Father.
Priam: it is an essential characteristic of royalty to be civil with those who least deserve it
Cassandra: You make me feel like a little child again
Priam: well... you're not that grown up Cassie.
</b>Priam: not at all....
</b>Priam: *hugs her*
Cassandra: I could be married if wanted to be... *hugs back*
Priam: yes you could be. but unfortunately marriage and maturity don't always go hand in hand.
</b>Priam: *looks slyly at her* why, I've even heard of wives running off with foreign men...
Cassandra: *raises eyebrow, smiles weakly*
Priam: I never said I liked her Cassie.
</b>Priam: I just know when to be civil.
</b>Priam: well, shall we?
Cassandra: *takes this lesson to heart, and decides to wait until she has more support to fight about this* Yes
Priam: *sends Asarcus for her belongings*
</b>Priam: Your mother will be glad to have you back..
Cassandra: *smiles*
Cassandra: *links arm with Priam's*
Priam: *they go*
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