silentone_sot (silentone_sot) wrote in song_of_troy,

Late at night by Artemis' pool, when the moon hid behind the clouds

Artemis: *sitting at pool, moonbathing*
Hades: *tendrils of mist snake over the surface of the pool*
Hades: *the temperature drops*
Artemis: Brrr
Artemis: Elissa, could you get my cloak?
Artemis: *realizes that her maidens have run away*
Artemis: What the--
Hades: *whispers*  Artemissssssssssss....
Artemis: *arms herself*
Artemis: Who are you?
Artemis: *stands up* Show yourself!
Hades: Artemisssssss.... don't be frightened.
Hades: *steps out from the trees into the moonlight, a shadow himself*
Hades:  I just hate that.  Knees knocking, groveling, all that fear stuff.  So very tiresome.
Artemis: *eyes shift uncomfortably*  Um...
Hades:  Hello, little niece.
Artemis: Uncle H, shouldn't you be playing ball with Tantalus?
Hades: Hah. It's no fun when the ball goes right through them, child.
Hades:  I came to.... warn you.
Artemis: *shudder* of what?
Hades: Do not fix your hopes on what action a mortal might-- or might not-- take.
Hades: *teeth flash in the shadow of his face, but it's not a smile*
Hades:  While I'm... delighted at the prospect of this war, have a care, huntress.
Artemis: *shiver* Could you please stop being so shady?
Hades: Shady? Me? SHADY?!  
Artemis: Don't you ever get depressed?
Hades: You have no freaking idea.
Hades: *mist gathers towards him*
Artemis: You're so dramatic.
Hades:  *nonplussed* Am not. That's Apollo's thing,  not mine.
Hades:  *draws the shadows around him like a cloak*
Hades:  Think about my warning, Artemissssssss....
Hades: *fades away and the moon comes back out from behind the clouds*
Artemis: Shit.
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