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In Cassandra's Room...

Andromache: So, what's all this about Coroebus?
Cassandra: *suppressing a smile*
Cassandra: What about him?
Andromache: Earlier you looked very... giddy. And you mumbled something about him
Andromache: *winks*
Cassandra: *giggles* Oh, Andromache, what am I doing. I feel so silly, but he's just so...
Cassandra: understanding!
Andromache: *giggles*
Cassandra: He didn't seem afraid of me!
Andromache: Awww, you're not that frightening
Cassandra: Heheh...I think the reason why I was picked to be a priestess is frightening enough.
Andromache: Well, all right, maybe...So, now what are you two going to do, hm? *giggles some more*
Cassandra: *taking off headdress and earrings* I don't know! I shouldn't even be flirting!
Andromache: Hmmm, well maybe flirting's safe as long as you don't actually violate any of your promises to Athene?
Cassandra: Yes, but I'm afraid of upsetting her.
Cassandra: *sits down on edge of the bed, takes off sandals*
Andromache: Well... Isn't he returning to Phyrgia soon? Maybe you won't have to worry about this too much
Cassandra: Yes, but still, it would be nice to not have this problem.
Cassandra: What should I do?
Andromache: I wish I had advice for you...
Andromache: But dealing with gods... thats not something I'm used to
Andromache: I don't know much about dealing with men, either
Andromache: *Sigh*
Cassandra: *giggles* Is my brother giving you any trouble?
Andromache: Oh, not really. He's just been in this mood lately... Like he has to take all the troubles of Troy on his shoulders. Ever since your brother brought Helen here...
Andromache: But he's very good to me
Cassandra: *twitch* That whore needs to go back to Sparta...NOW
Andromache: *nods* Can you believe some are already calling her Helen of Troy? Honestly...
Andromache: She should go back to her husband and her child.
Cassandra: I never thought highly of Paris, but I would have thought that Father would have sent her home!
Andromache: I was amazed that Hector couldn't convince your Father to send her home
Cassandra: Well, people seem to be using something other than their brains to think about how to deal with her.
Andromache: *laughing* .... true. Clearly she's a dangerous woman
Cassandra: I feel so helpless. I know that she brings the armies of Greece against us, but nobody will listen.
Andromache: Ah, that's because we're spoiled, sheltered princesses. What could we possibly know? *sighs*
Cassandra: I'm a priestess. People are supposed to listen to me.
Andromache: For some reason I keep forgetting that...Oh, that's not what you wanted to hear, is it?
Cassandra: *bangs head with pillow*
Andromache: I'm sorry
Andromache: Though what did that pillow ever do to you?
Cassandra: I suppose it's my own fault. *smallsmile*
Andromache: I doubt it's your fault. I think it's just people not thinking with their brains, as usual, and ignoring voices of reason.
Cassandra: But people are going to die as a result!
Andromache: *looks down* right...
Andromache: I think that's something I try not to think about, too
Andromache: Because if I do, I get too scared
Cassandra: *sigh* No matter what, everything...every conversation turns to this.
Andromache: I'm sorry. I know I was the one to bring up Helen...
Cassandra: No...I suppose it's better to be worrying about that than the possibility of breaking my vows...if that makes any sense
Andromache: It makes some sense. Though I wish you didn't have to worry about either thing!
Cassandra: I wish I could ask the gods why I was cursed. Nothing makes any sense to me.
Cassandra: *lies down, a little drowsy*
Andromache: Are you all right?
Cassandra: I'm fine, just tired and a bit smitten.
Cassandra: *half-smile*
Andromache: All right, I think I'll let you sleep now
Cassandra: *starting to doze off already*
Andromache: *says softly* Goodnight Cassandra...
Cassandra: *snore*
Andromache: *tries to keep her laughter down until she's out of the room

Apollo: *Apollo appears, unceremoniously*
Apollo: So, Cassandra....
Cassandra: *still snoring* Huh, wha--?
Cassandra: *rolls over*
Apollo: ...That didn't work
Apollo: *prods Cassandra* Cassandra, what do you think you're doing?
Cassandra: Sleeping.
Apollo: You claim to be so worried about the gods, and yet you sleep when one of us is talking to you?
Cassandra: Because you're mean.
Cassandra: *faces him* OW!
Cassandra: Could you ease up on the glow?
Cassandra: You're hurting my eyes.
Apollo: *Glares, and makes the light brighter*
Apollo: You can't demand anything from me
Cassandra: *turns her back to him* Why did you come here? I thought you hated me.
Apollo: I'm just... perplexed
Apollo: After all, you deny me, claiming you fear Athene...
Apollo: So what are you doing with this boy from Phyrgia?
Apollo: Do you suddenly think my sister has become more accepting?
Cassandra: I haven't done anything with this boy from Phrygia
Apollo: But you're afraid you might, aren't you?
Cassandra: Shouldn't I be?
Apollo: What makes him as much of a threat to your vows as I was?
Apollo: He's no god
Cassandra: *turns back to look at him* *squints*
Cassandra: *quietly* I...don't know.
Cassandra: I don't even know why I was born cursed. I don't know anything.
Cassandra: And you're way too bright right now. Really.
Apollo: *turns the glow down slightly but still looks angry*
Apollo: You make life hard for yourself
Apollo: I would be careful... I could have protected you from Athene, but this Coroebus never could
Cassandra: Apollo, I was just so scared. Coroebus is safe...I know he could never hurt me.
Cassandra: You already have
Apollo: You will never be safe. You've seen the visions
Cassandra: can't that be stopped?
Apollo: *callously* Oh, probably not. Too bad. I really liked this city
Cassandra: Don't let my actions change your feelings about all of Troy. I'm just one of many.
Apollo: I know...
Apollo: I think I've had enough of torturing you for one night
Cassandra: Wait...
Cassandra: *is suddenly aware of the fact that they're alone in her room*
Cassandra: If you hate me so much, why do you keep coming back?
Apollo: I don't know.
Apollo: I can't give you a more satisfying answer, because I don't know
Cassandra: *inches away from him, realizing that they're very close together*
Apollo: Why do you keep backing away?
Cassandra: Isn't it obvious?
Apollo: I'm not going to try that again, although... *stops to stare at her for a while*
Cassandra: *hides under the blanket*
Apollo: No, I don't think I want to try that again...
Apollo: *pulls blanket off her* Good night, Cassandra
Cassandra: Good night. *rolls over and attempts to sleep*
Apollo: *dissapears brightly so that immedaite sleep is impossible*
Cassandra: ow. Stupid gods.
Cassandra: *sleeps*
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