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I'm going to be MARRIED!

Clytemnestra: *comes up silently behind Iphigenia*
Clytemnestra: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?
Clytemnestra: *coldly furious*
Iphigenia: *jumps*
Iphigenia: Wha...what did I do?
Clytemnestra: I have had my maids seeking you this last half hour.
Iphigenia: I've been sitting here...thinking...
Clytemnestra: Thinking?
Clytemnestra: Enlighten me.
Iphigenia: Yes. Like wondering who that messenger was...
Clytemnestra: He bears a summons, Iphigenia.
Clytemnestra: *starts pacing angrily again*
Clytemnestra: A summons for you.
Clytemnestra: Just you.
Clytemnestra: I find that--- untenable.
Clytemnestra: Inconceivable, that your father would call you to Aulis and not ask for my presence as well.
Clytemnestra: *stops pacing and glares at Iphigenia*
Iphigenia: *cowers*
Clytemnestra: I know that's not your fault nor your responsibility.
Iphigenia: I've traveled with him alone before, you know
Clytemnestra: But it is not-- appropriate for a young woman to be wed....
Clytemnestra: Yes, wed.
Clytemnestra: I believe you are to be wed at Aulis, Iphigenia.
Iphigenia: WED?
Iphigenia: *frightened*
Iphigenia: To whom?
Clytemnestra: Though my husband has said NOTHING about this.
Clytemnestra: *smiles finally* Who else?
Iphigenia: *tries not to smile*
Clytemnestra: All Greece is assembling at Aulis
Iphigenia: And I shall marry Achilles?
Clytemnestra: Why would your father not use the opportunity to place his daughter's hand at such an event?
Clytemnestra: *snarls*
Clytemnestra: Gods know I have written him about it often enough over these last weeks
Iphigenia: *smile* Don't be angry, Mom!
Iphigenia: I'm to be married!
Clytemnestra: Oh, I'm not angry at you-- I'm annoyed with this scrambling, half-arsed way your father has gone about this whole thing.
Clytemnestra: *raises an eyebrow at Iphigenia*
Iphigenia: Isn't it characteristic of him?
Clytemnestra: So unbecoming to the dignity of the Atreides, mmn?
Clytemnestra: *smiles thinly, willing to share the joke at the expense of Agamemnon*
Clytemnestra: Absolutely, daughter.
Iphigenia: *giggles* Well, it's a family tradition...
Clytemnestra: *scowls again*
Clytemnestra: Well. We have packing to do.
Clytemnestra: And a ceremony to plan.
Clytemnestra: And a gown to prepare.
Clytemnestra: Would you like to look into the treasure room for a suitable length of cloth, daughter?
Iphigenia: Of course!
Iphigenia: *becoming quite giggly*
Clytemnestra: *holds her hand out to Iphigenia to lift her out of the window seat*
Iphigenia: *takes it giddily*
Clytemnestra: *tucks her daughter's hand under her arm*
Clytemnestra: Let's go, child!
Iphigenia: *leans her head against her mother's shoulder as they walk*
Iphigenia: *sigh*
Clytemnestra: *allows her love for her daughter to show as she looks at the top of her head, though she will never show it to her directly*
Iphigenia: *mutters*
Iphigenia: Married to the most handsome man in all of Greece...
Iphigenia: *looks up*
Clytemnestra: *dryly* Let's just hope his brains match his looks.
Clytemnestra: Though as a child of Thetis, I would assume so
Iphigenia: *giggle* I think he's most wise, Mom. I've spoken to him before...
Iphigenia: *suddenly realizes that her mother doesn't know this*
Clytemnestra: You mentioned how kind he was, too
Iphigenia: Yes...we had some time to speak alone together awhile back. He's quite...*keeps grinning*
Iphigenia: *can't help from telling things she shouldn't*
Clytemnestra: I am so happy for you. The gods seem to have smiled upon our family at last.
Iphigenia: And he's so strong...I can only imagine how he'll be...
Clytemnestra: I wouldn't necessarily recommend relying on imagination, Iphigenia. So often one's dreams are only a disappointment.
Iphigenia: But he has such big hands
Clytemnestra: All the better to please you, my dear.
Iphigenia: *uncontrollably giggles*
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