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The Song of Troy

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Song of Troy-a Trojan War RPG
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Around 1200 B.C., more than a thousand ships of Greeks from every corner of the Mediterranean Sea gathered at the port of Aulis to confer and wage war against the city of Troy. At the forefront of this attack were Menelaus, king of Sparta, his brother, Agamemnon, king of Mycenae and Argos, and Odysseus, king of Ithaca. All for the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen of Sparta (soon to be Helen of Troy) who had been "stolen away" by Paris, a Trojan prince. This is the story of the Trojan War, the fight for Helen between the Royal House of Troy and the forces of Greece. This is the Song of Troy.

This community is an active RPG (Role-Playing Game) built around the events of Homer's Iliad, as well as Book 2-3 of Virgil's Aeneid, and Greek dramas. Because we don't want this thing to end too quickly, the RPG will begin two years before the war, and end with the death of Agamemmnon. Characters will be played through individual character journals with icons. RPs (role-plays) will be done in third-person past tense (often by AIM conversation), and posted in the community with an LJ-cut, including the characters who wrote it. Journal entries will be written in first-person present tense and posted in the character's own individual journal.

Characters Available For Application

Application Form

Any questions and comments should be directed towards the three mods of this RPG. Their contact information is below, as well as their own LiveJournals. Thank you for expressing interest in The Song of Troy.

Andrea: anghockey, e-mail: firedancer4usa@aol.com

Ciorstan: ciorstan, e-mail: ciorstand@comcast.net

The OOC Community: troy_song_ooc

icons_s_o_t-Icons Journal/Community

AIM Buddy List

Updating Your Song of Troy RPG Chararacter Friends List Quickly

Non-players who would like to keep track of the RPG can watch the friends list of mods_s_o_t (click here for the version that include the OOC community in the flist)

The Rules are mostly the same as the defunct RPG that fueled the creation of this one, Epic_of_Troy, with some exception:

1. Each player is required to provide a journal for their character. If the name of your character is taken, add "_s_o_t" to the end of it (so "Cassandra" would become "Cassandra_s_o_t")

2. Role-Play logs are to be placed in the Song of Troy community journal, under a cut tag labeled accordingly (characters involved, location, whatever you think is appropriate).

3. RPs are to be done using AIM or AOL chats, or via LJ comments.

4. Character journal entries are to be done in first person.

5. Messages, letters, notes, etc. from one character to another must be placed in the community journal. They do not have to be under a cut tag unless there is more than one message. If the message is to a character that is not being played in the RPG, it may be placed in the personal journal rather than the community. If you are going to heavily interact with another character, we suggest that you do it by AIM conversation.

6. Your character should post at least once every five days. Characters should not go for more than a week without posting, unless they have notified the moderaters of their absence. After ten days of unnotified absence, we will start looking for someone else to play your character. Sorry!

7. If you are going to be away from the internet for any extended period of time (more than three days), please contact one of the Song of Troy mods (Andrea at firedancer4usa@aol.com, or...) as soon as possible to give us a heads-up and an idea of when you will be back.

8. It is most certainly understood that all characters will not like each other (after all, this is a war!), but all players must be courteous towards each other. So no flaming. It's mean. Nice is good, mean is bad, don't be mean 'cause mean is bad, nice is better than mean.

9. It is absolutely mandatory to keep all characters on friendslist of your character. Please stay on top of this. Otherwise, the omnipotent mods will come after you with torches and tar and feather you. It is a good idea to have the song_of_troy community and OOC community on the friendslist as well so you can be notified of time changes, etc.

10. Characters must have at least one icon, preferably with a picture depicting their physical appearance. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not use pictures from movies or television--they are someone else's depiction of your character. However, if you are so inclined to dress up as your character and take a picture, feel free.

11. Regarding Romance: Relationships of all varieties are allowed: slash, het, whatever. However, as much as we love slash, We'd like to keep it down to a minimum (only Diomedes/Odysseus and Patroclus/Achilles). Girl-girl slash is allowed, but in my experiences with RPGs, it doesn't happen much. Most het romance is allowed since women didn't have much say in the matter (unlike men), and Helen was a slut. If you are planning to have a romance with someone, please make sure the other party is okay with it. Also, please remember that if there is CANON. We have to stay true to the Iliad and traditional mythology. Cassandra can have a fling with Aeneas, but she can't go to Italy with him, because it didn't happen (I mean, what would she do to Dido?) We ask players to stay open-minded regarding any and all pairings. No flaming of any kind and/or running around saying "eeew, that's gross" will be tolerated (unless, immaturity or jealousy is part of your character.) This is supposed to be intelligent fun!

12. Still on the note of romance: Posts in the community and personal journals must not exceed an R rating (in sexual activity, not violence- this is an RPG about the Trojan War, after all). However, you are welcome to link to NC-17 continuations, which can be posted in your own journal or in the OOC community. Because you know we will all want to read them. Yes, yes. I mean Achilles/Patrocles...damn, that's hot!

13. Very Important: This RPG, unlike most others (Harry Potter, namely), is set in a universe where all the events have been laid down for us. This means that there are some things that *must* happen. A lot of people die, this being a war and all. What this basically means is: if you are playing Hector or somebody who does not, er, live a long and happy life, be prepared to bite the dust, okay? You can have your character come back (in AIM convos) as a ghost if it is IN CANON (Hector to Aeneas), or believable (like someone's ghost appearing to a seer)However, if your character dies, you may pick up another right away.

14. On that note, if you are planning on randomly killing one of your characters off, contact the Song of Troy mods. If you are planning on killing a character of the Iliad canon that is not being played, please hold off, because someone might come along and want to play them. If the death is integral to some plot of yours, consult the omnipotent and omniscient mods.

15. Players are automatically allowed to play two major characters. Third characters with an asterisk* next to their name may also be played automatically. If you wish to pick up a 3rd or 4th major character, please ask one of the mods. If a character dies, you may pick up another right away.

16. In fact, contact the mods all the time. We are here for your questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. We are not that scary.